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    youth sports
    If you are interested in coaching, please give us a call!

Youth Sports

The Youth Sports Program provides recreational leagues and instructional clinics to youth throughout the year. Our sports program has activities for youth ages 3-12 to include t-ball, baseball, flag football, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. Interested in coaching? We need you!

Madrigal Youth Center

Youth Sports

Youth Sports programs offer a wide variety of athletic programs for youth ages 5-12 years. We also have our Start Smart program, which offers instructional sports to our younger audience of 3-4 years old. Start Smart Sports are fantastic, skill-building opportunities for children. These programs are designed to keep your child active while building important teamwork skills 

Seasonal Sports:
  • Flag Football • Ages 5-12
    September - November

  • Volleyball • Ages 9-12
    September - November

  • T-Ball • Ages 3&4
    September - November

  • Basketball • Ages 3-12
    January- March

  • T-Ball • Ages 5&6
    March - May

  • Baseball • Ages 7-12
    March - May

  • Soccer • Ages 3-12
    March - May

  • Summer Camps • Ages 9-12
    June - August

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Youth Sport

188 Ave, Bldg 196
Sheppard AFB, TX 

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday
    6am - 7pm